College   Scholarships

Our College Scholarships are for Tomball ISD high school graduating or graduated students who are pursuing a degree in an agricultural related field. Please submit an application only if this is your career path and your class choices reflect this.

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Animal   Scholarships

Our Animal Scholarships assist students who are interested in raising an animal for the Tomball ISD FFA program but do not have the financial resources to buy, feed and shelter an animal. Students can raise a variety of animals including steers, pigs, goats, lambs, rabbits, chickens & turkeys.

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Hudson was a country boy who loved the outdoors.

In addition to having a typical young man’s appreciation for jacked up trucks and Jason Aldean music, Hudson loved fishing, hunting and riding his dirt bike. He loved spending time at his family ranch where he had the opportunity to raise horses, work cows, fish and help his dad tend to his tree farm.


Purpose of Foundation

The Folkerts family is proud to offer Tomball ISD FFA students the opportunity to raise an animal without having to worry about the financial aspects and to be able to offer college scholarships to Tomball ISD graduates who plan to pursue a college degree in Agriculture.

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Huddy Buddies

The Hudson Folkerts Memorial Foundation has been blessed with the most awesome volunteers who ensure every year that our events run smoothly. Sign up here to become a Huddy Buddy.


Media Gallery

The Hudson Folkerts Memorial Foundation has collected many photos and videos over the years of events as well as our favorite ones of Hudson. We are excited to share them with you.

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